Quality Control Unit


UIPL aspires to be the leading provider of inorganic chemicals in India and this can only be achieved with Quality as our key differentiator. With a focus on “Quality in everything we do”, we have incorporated Quality in our plant design, equipment selection, operating practices and testing facilities.


Quality in plant design

Our plant design complies with emerging GMP norms. All product handling areas have controlled environment with HEPA filters, separate man and material movement into the production premises, use of double air locks for entry into product sensitive areas are some of the features. Process water quality is controlled with R.O. systems as water for dilution is an important source of contaminants.

Quality in Equipment selection

All product contact equipment are certified GMP (including filter presses, screw conveyors, dryers) and product contact surfaces are SS316L.

Quality in operating practices

The site is operated using formal SOPs and Batch records. Batch to batch variability is minimized by use of high-end automation (e.g. PLC controls) in equipment. Environment monitoring of product sensitive areas is carried out to ensure microbial compliance.

Quality Control and Testing

UIPL is equipped with our own microbial testing laboratory designed in accordance with emerging FDA standards. Most of the chemical tests required for product release are carried out in-house with the exception of heavy metals testing.