Tyres & Rubber


Silica is extensively used as filler in the tyre and rubber industries, in conjunction with other fillers such as Carbon black. Silica particles fill the rubber matrix providing the rubber strength and can also be chemically bonded with the rubber molecules by surface treatment using silanes. Low filler-filler particle interaction in the case of silica helps impart greater hardness to the rubber matrix and in case of tyres, helps considerably reduce the rolling resistance which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption.


UNISIL - R series of precipitated silica comprises of Unnati are our silica grades for use in the tyre and rubber processing industries.

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UNISIL - R1 is medium surface area silica for use in radial tyres, cross-ply tyres, rice rollers, railway pads etc. UNISIL - R1 (G) is granular product with high bulk density and is easy to use in industry without any major handling losses.
UNISIL - R2 and UNISIL - R2 (G)
UNISIL - R2 and UNISIL - R2 (G) are lower surface area silica for use in off-the road (OTR) tyres, footwear, conveyor belts.