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Hydrated silica is one of the key components of toothpastes. Hydrated silica or silicic acid is a derivative of silica and is an odorless, tasteless white gelatinous substance which is chemically inert. Silica does not have any toxicity and hence this is an ideal ingredient for use in toothpastes.


UNISIL – DT is silica that can be used as a gelling agent in toothpastes and cosmetics. This product is tested for physic-chemical properties that provide a consistent and clear gel and is manufactured in GMP conditions.

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UNISIL – DA is milled silica to a higher particle size. Silica particles provide abrasive properties to the toothpaste for effective cleaning of teeth and surfaces and varying grades can be manufactured for the level of abrasiveness desired by the customer, in accordance with international RDA standards.

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