UNIMAG - C is pharma grade Magnesium carbonate which is used as an antacid in several formulations including syrups, dispersible or chewable tablets. The material is also used to manufacture Magnesium Oxide which is the most commonly used Magnesium supplements the world over. We manufacture both heavy and light grade Magnesium carbonate for use in pharmaceutical applications.

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UNIMAG - H is pharma grade magnesium hydroxide which is used as an antacid in several formulations. Magnesium Hydroxide in combination with Aluminium Hydroxide is the core ingredient in a number of antacid suspensions. The product is available in both paste form and dry powder.

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Customised grades of Antacid API mixes including mixtures of Magnesium and Aluminium Hydroxides (Magaldrate, Hydrotalcite), Silicates can also be manufactured.