Unnati Inorganics was set up in 2014 to meet the growing demand of specialty inorganic materials in the Indian sector.

The supply base for inorganics materials in India is comprised of either small scale units with outdated technology units or a few top tier global companies with primary operations internationally. With our focus on scale, technology and on working with our customers to provide customized solutions, we aspire to be one of the leading inorganics materials company of the country.

Phase I of our site at Dahej (Gujarat) has an aggregate capacity of 10,000 MTPA and occupies only 25% of our sprawling 30,000 square meters plot area. With future expansions, we have the potential to produce 50,000 MTPA of products at the location.

Technology edge

Process control and energy efficiency are the core needs for manufacturing inorganic chemicals. Multiple grades differing on particle size, porosity, density are required for different customer segments and are best obtained by controlling the reaction and drying operations. PLC based controls (SCADA) enable us to achieve very close reaction control and get desired product characteristics.

A combo dryer approach further help attain the desired particle characteristics as the rate of drying can be manipulated to attain requisite porosity, hardness and available surface area.

GMP built-in design

UIPL's plant incorporates GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the design in all material handling operations. Raw Materials are segregated and staged into the production area on basis of QC sampling and analysis. Minimal manual handling of intermediate stages is carried out and HEPA filtered air environment is maintained in areas where the material is exposed to the environment. The use of double air locks with appropriate PPE and sanitization is required for entry of manpower in these areas to minimize risk of product contamination. Cleaned packaging materials are introduced into the finished good packing area through pass boxes and the final packaging carried out in controlled environment.

A fully equipped Microbiology laboratory at the site enables us to do most of the microbial limit tests in-house as well as monitor the cleanliness of the critical plant areas.